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Ireland’s landscape offers diverse photo opportunities with its lush green countryside, rugged coastlines, and picturesque villages. Capture the beauty of rolling hills, ancient castles, and dramatic cliffs along the Wild Atlantic Way. Explore tranquil lakes, like the iconic Lough Tay, or venture into the mystical atmosphere of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. The ever-changing weather adds a dynamic element to your shots, creating moody and atmospheric scenes. Overall, Ireland’s landscape is a photographer’s delight, blending natural beauty with rich history. If you are looking to take or plan an Ireland photography tour, then hire me as your guide.

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Guiding for groups or individuals

I offer personal guiding services that are ideal for individuals or groups travelling together and want a more personalised photo tour, visiting and photographing the places you would like to see. This includes organising all aspects of the tour, such as accommodation, pickup and drop at the airport and anything else that is required.

Collaborations with other photo tour guides

Additionally, if you run your own photo tours in Ireland and need a local guide to partner with who can plan, organise and run everything for you, then I am the perfect person.

Why book with me?

I was born and raised in Ireland and have over 15 years experience travelling the length and breadth of my country capturing its raw beauty though photography, leading workshops and guiding. With my extensive knowledge of locations, I am ideally positioned to create the perfect photographic experience for you, which will be tailored to your requirements.

Sit back in my luxury 9-seater tour bus, and let me take you to the perfect locations at the perfect times!

Rodney O'Callaghan

Professional photographer based in County Cork

I am a professional landscape and seascape photographer who was born and raised in Ireland. I am based in County Cork. My journey into photography began back in 2006 when I developed a love primarily for landscapes and seascapes.

I love to share my passion for photographing with others through my images and teaching. As a result, I offer a great choice of photography workshops here, and also internationally in amazing places such as: Iceland, England, Scotland, Wales, Morocco, Slovenia, France, Greece and Italy.

Rodney O Callaghan - Photographer based in Ireland
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Why have a photo tour in Ireland?

Ireland provides a diverse and captivating canvas for landscape photography.

Overall, Ireland’s diverse landscapes, historic sites, and ever-changing weather make it an ideal destination for capturing striking and evocative images.

Old Schoolhouse, Wild Atlantic Way, Co Kerry, Ireland.

Lush Countryside

The iconic rolling hills and meadows, especially during the spring and summer, showcase Ireland's signature green landscape.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.

Coastal Wonders

Dramatic coastal cliffs, like the Cliffs of Moher and Slea Head, offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic, creating striking compositions.

Sunset at Doonagore, County Clare, Ireland.

Historic Sites

Explore and capture the mystique of ancient castles and churches such as Blarney Castle or the Rock of Cashel set against scenic backdrops.

Huge Waves off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland.

Wild Atlantic Way

This coastal route presents endless opportunities with its rugged coastline, ancient sites and ever-changing light and weather.

Giants Causeway, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Mystical Atmosphere

Capture the unique ambiance of locations like the Giant's Causeway or ancient stone circles, adding a touch of mysticism to your portfolio.

Connemara Inagh Valley, Ireland.

Majestic Mountains

The MacGillycuddy's Reeks and the Twelve Bens offer majestic mountain scenes, especially during sunrise or sunset.

Upper Lake Killarney National park, County Kerry, Ireland.

Mirror-Like Lakes

Lakes such as Glendalough & the Lakes of Killarney provide mirror-like reflections creating serene and picturesque images.

Blackhead Lighthouse, County Clare, Ireland.

Seasonal Variations

Ireland's changing seasons add variety to your photography, from vibrant autumn foliage to the atmospheric mists of winter.

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