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Photograph the beautiful Venetian streets and architecture

The colours of Venice

Venice is a true photographer's paradise

Come and explore the romantic and beautiful City of Venice on my multi-day workshop. Situated in the Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea of Northern Italy, the city is built on a group of 118 small islands separated by a network of canals. Venice is famous for its unique architectural style which blends Gothic, Byzantine, and Renaissance elements. St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, and the Rialto Bridge are iconic structures that showcase the city’s rich history. The romantic streets, canals, ornate bridges (over 400 in all), colourful architecture and of course the famous Gondoliers, offer a plethora of photo opportunities not to be missed.

Workshop Essentials


Accommodation is included and located in the heart of the city within easy walking distance of all locations.

Group Size

I keep all my workshop groups small to ensure everyone gets the time they need.


Public water buses whilst travelling around the canals of Venice & Transport to Burano included.


We will visit some of the best locations to capture the most beautiful scenes in Venice.

Piazza San Marco (St Mark's Square), Venice, Italy. Taken on my Venice photography workshops and tours.

Piazza San Marco

The heart of Venice is the famous St. Mark’s Square. This central square is surrounded by elaborate historic buildings, including St. Mark’s Basilica and its distinctive Campanile (bell tower).

There is much to photograph here. As well as the incredible architecure, you can capture the atmosphere, people, look for unique compositions, angles and utilise the many archways and pillars as a frame for your pictures.

Canals, Bridges & Gondolas

There are over 400 bridges connecting the islands across the intricate network of canals. Throughout the centre in particular, you will find some of the most beautiful and photogenic, including the Bridge of Sighs and Rialto Bridge. 

Of course, when most people think of Venice they picture the iconic gondolas being languidly paddled along the canals with a smooching couple inside. Gondoliers, dressed in distinctive outfits, skillfully navigate the narrow canals. There will be plenty of opportunities to photograph them, particularly during sunset or sunrise when the light is soft and warm.

Black and white photo of the Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy.
Photo of three colourful houses in Burano, Venice, Italy. Taken on my Venice photography workshops and tours.

Colourful City of Burano

Burano is a captivating and vibrant island nestled in the Venetian Lagoon.

The defining characteristic of Burano lies in its colourful architecture. The canals here are lined with buildings painted in a spectrum of vibrant hues, crafting lively and picturesque scenes to photograph. According to local legend, the colours served a practical purpose; helping local fishermen identify their homes through the thick fog.

For photographers, the canals, houses, and winding streets offer abundant photo opportunities.

Venice reflections

Venice’s waterways provide excellent opportunities for capturing reflections. You can get creative and experiment with different angles and perspectives to create visually striking images. Or try out some ICM (intentional camera movement.

Join me on my Venice photography workshop for a chance to capture some great images of this wonderful and romantic city.

Photo of Gondolas in Venice with a bright yellow building reflected in the water, Italy.

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