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I think it is fitting that in my first blog post here I share some exciting news. I am delighted to be featured in this month’s edition of Outdoor Photography magazine! My article is on the benefits of ‘looking beyond the obvious’ when shooting.

In the article I outline my photography process, particularly how I prioritise composition and perspective significantly. Here’s a little synopsis of what I go through in the Outdoor Photography feature:

Each shot I take begins with a deliberate selection of what, I feel, deserves emphasis – be it a prominent foreground rock or a distant row of trees. To me, composition is paramount; it entails determining which elements to feature in a frame, establishing the foundation for the viewer’s visual experience. After finalising my composition and pinpointing the focal point, my goal shifts towards guiding the viewer’s attention towards this central subject. One of the aspects of photography I enjoy the most is being able to highlight the delicate interplay between foreground and background, leading the viewer on a journey to uncover the essence of every image. My favourite phrase is ‘look beyond the obvious’.

For me, a large part of achieving this, is meticulous planning and preparation, these are the cornerstone of my creative process. While spontaneity is crucial for capturing fleeting moments and evolving light, grasping the nuances of timing and environmental conditions holds significant weight. Whether anticipating optimal tides for a seascape or monitoring weather conditions using reliable apps for prime shooting windows, details often overlooked by novice photographers, I ensure thorough preparation before embarking on shoots like the dramatic seascapes of County Kerry, Ireland, or the misty mornings of Tuscany. This groundwork is an essential aspect of my approach to capturing any location.

On-site, my approach to lens selection is characterised by adaptability and versatility. From sweeping wide-angle panoramas to the intricate details magnified by a telephoto lens, I embrace a diverse array of options to capture the essence of the scene before me. Through this approach, I aim to bring together all the elements that contribute to crafting compelling and immersive images.

You can read about my process and tips in more detail in the article, which also includes some my favourite images. If you would like to pick up your own copy issue 307 is out now!

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